Premium High Quality Textured Stock

4" x 9" with Inner Pockets and Card Slots

Embossed Image with Gold or Silver Foil Text

Create the perfect impression with prospective members.
Fits neatly into jacket pocket or purse.

Click embossings and color samples to experience how your folder will appear!

Select from four embossed images, or no embossment as desired.

  - Two pockets for inserts.
  - Business card slots.

These welcome folders beautifully hold your information.
Use your computer to customize inserts for your activities, worship schedules, other documents.

We have even MORE choices available for you. Over 200 card and folder designs!

Call or email to request sample packet and four-page brochure where many more options are pictured


25 @ $1.05 each $ 26.25
50 @ 95¢ each $ 47.50
100 @ 89¢ each $ 89.00
250 @ 79¢ each $ 197.50
500 @ 65¢ each $ 325.00
1000 @ 59¢ each $ 590.00

Plus Shipping and Handling

Visa/MC/Check Accepted

Shipping Within 14 Days

Pastor/Church/School - Pre-approved Credit

Receive Quantity Discount when you Order Multiple Designs!

Personalized Front Page Text - Custom Die Charge $85

Call and speak with an experienced representative

We take orders in person to ensure greatest satisfaction with the final product

Call toll-free 1-800-547-6890
8am-3:30pm Pacific Time
Monday through Friday

P.O. Box 886
Mulino, Oregon 97042

Made in the USA

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a division of LBJ Printing Inc.

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